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Hello! It’s Jessica Francis, your local Thousand Oaks photographer here to share some simple tips and styling suggestions for family photos!

First, let’s explore how to prep the whole family. Tell your children what we will be doing (if they’re old enough to understand) & make it sound exciting! Maybe plan something fun afterwards? Try to give them some grace to be little. Kids may take a little bit to warm up to the photo session but know that I will do my best to capture their authentic personalities & make this time worthwhile. Let dad know that the best thing he can do is try to enjoy this time with his family & let ME do all the work. Also, tell him how much this means to you & that you’re glad he is willing to be such a team player. For yourself, in order to not feel rushed, set enough time aside to prepare on the day of your session.

Tips for Picking Outfit(s)

  1. Pick a color scheme and set aside some time to plan outfit coordination
  2. Mix patterns and solids (be mindful of the type of pattern, if unsure, don’t be afraid to ask)
  3. Limit the amount of patterned clothing as well as any conflicting or loud patterns and avoid graphics tees (it can be too distracting)
  4. Consider the time of year & the location of your session
  5. Include personal or sentimental item (a favorite toy, blanket, or family items), fun additional accessories (headbands/bows, necklaces, suspenders, bow ties, flowers, balloons), and a clean snack for the kiddos (that wont stain, ie. Cheerios)

Next, let go of your need for any perfection & enjoy this present moment with your family. Don’t worry about your kids not giving me real smiles, I will work hard at making your session a fun experience & will be sure to capture your children at their best! Finally, coordinating is far better than matching & much more preferred. Choose cohesive colors, but don’t fall into the trap that you all need to be wearing the exact same blue shirt. Your photos will be far more interesting with some variation! Add in a solid shirt for one person, maybe some pattern for another. Remember, the key is to coordinate, so the colors in your prints & patterns are your friend! You can easily keep your color scheme neutral & add in smaller amounts of color for variety.

All in all, family portrait sessions are important because life is unpredictable & ever-changing! Photography freezes life’s fleeting moments & captures the dynamics/development of your family. The lasting ability & value photography offers is why I’m so passionate about providing this service to you & yours! Whether you want your photo session at one of our many sandy beaches, local green parks, or our near-by mountains, you can count on me to be here each step of the way and make your family photos an experience to remember!

Can’t wait to meet you and capture your family’s story! 💖, Jessica Francis Photography

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