So excited to share with you how valuable photography is, why I'm passionate about providing this exclusive experience to you, why you should book photography sessions, & some precious moments I've been honored to be apart of. Follow along my journey of creating personal & timeless memories for quirky couples & fun-loving families in Ventura County, CA (between Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, & Ojai, CA).

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Business Headshots in Camarillo

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Easy Posing Tips for Headshot Photography

When starting your session, remember that letting lose and enjoying the present moment can really make a difference regarding how you might feel about the final photos. First, make sure to relax your shoulders and don’t forget to breathe; it’s supposed to be fun so do your best to stay out of your head (this is something I deal with too and can help you through).

  1. Stand at an angle from the camera in order to avoid too “boxy” of a stance
  2. Put weight on your back leg and pop front leg/knee out
  3. Imagine a string coming from your head pulling you up straight and cross your arms while looking at camera with a serious face
  4. Be mindful of keeping space between your arms and body (this helps not to hide your body, also avoids being “boxy”)
  5. Place hands softly in pockets (or on hips) and walk towards camera like you’re walking a tight rope
  6. Cross your arms and lean forward, towards the camera
  7. BONUS TIP: Use your surroundings & bring along some essentials for your business (such as laptop, business cards, accessories, etc)

One of my client’s favorite locations for business headshots in Camarillo, CA is this adorable little gem of an area. Photography in Camarillo has a lot of potential with all the undiscovered beauty such as this hidden gem of a location. Want an architectural background for your headshots (or any other type of portrait session)? Look no further, I’ve already found the perfect location for you – fill out the contact form on my website today and I’ll email you back as soon as I can!

Portrait Photographer in Ventura County, California (serving Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, Ojai, & everywhere in between)

Look at that sun light! I just love to capture my clients in the glow of the setting sun, especially for business headshots in Camarillo! ✨

Each session takes place in the soft golden light of the setting sun with authentic emotion and vibrant tones! Let’s document some memories you’ll never forget! If you are ready to book your session or have any questions, please fill out my simple contact form:

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